Existing plans and elevations

Existing plans and elevations essentially show a house or outbuilding in its current state. Elevations (showing the front, side and rear of a structure) are created after floor plan drawings have been completed, and are needed by the local planning department for any application for House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) applications. At Manchester Design & Build, we’re highly experienced in all these kinds of building plans.

In particular, existing plans and elevations are needed if you are planning to convert a property from a dwelling house into an HMO. This follows a change in the rules in February 2016, meaning planning permission is needed where between three and six people who are not related to each other share a bathroom and/or kitchen.

Our existing plans and elevations also show the relationship with adjoining properties, so that what is already there can be seen in relation to what is being proposed.

We draw building plans and elevations to a scale of 1:50, which is how most planning authorities want to see them. Our existing elevations are clearly labelled as such, and, where there are no changes, marked up as ‘existing no change.’  We also clearly indicate with compass points to show where north, southeast and so on are.

We create the existing elevations and building plans using Computer Aided Design (CAD) following a site survey, and email them to you, within five days, and ask you to make any revisions you want to make.

Once we have your approval, we can then send to the relevant planning authority where planning permission is needed, before making the necessary applications for building regulations approval at the same time.

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