What is permitted development?

Some building work can be done without the need to apply for planning permission from a local authority. This is known as ‘permitted development rights’, and the rules surrounding this come from Parliament rather than a local council.

They are slightly different for commercial properties and for flats, maisonettes and similar buildings than they are for houses.

What are the exceptions?

Permitted development will be more limited if you are lucky enough to live in a listed building or a part of the country such as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a conservation area, the Norfolk or Suffolk Broads or a national park.

It’s also worth knowing about what are known as Article 4 directions, which local planning authorities can use to remove some of your permitted development rights, generally in order to preserve an area’s character, for example in a conservation area. It means that you will have to apply for planning permission where this wouldn’t normally be required.

Even where there are permitted development rights, these are still subject to certain limitations and conditions. For example, there may be limits on height, size and location of the project.

Equally, some permitted development rights may only be in place for a limited time period.

While you won’t need to apply for planning permission where there is permitted development, you may have to obtain a prior approval from the local planning authority before a permitted development is carried out.

And, of course, building regulations will always apply.

What projects get permitted development?

Projects that have no impact on neighbours or the environment enjoy permitted development rights, as do those for outdoor signs and adverts, industrial premises and warehouses (within certain conditions and limitations.) Demolition also has permitted development rights, but you will need approval from your local planning authority first.

Many home improvements, including loft and garage conversions and single-storey extensions among others, also have permitted development rights and so can be done without planning permission.

How we can help

At Manchester Design and Build, because we design and build all our projects, we understand the planning system and building regulations inside out. We’ll know whether your project has permitted development rights or whether planning permission is needed. And if you do need planning permission, we’ll be with you every step of the way so that it’s granted in full with the first application. Talk to us today about your project, see samples of previous work we have done or request a free, no obligation quote.