Planning permission: the four steps of the process

At Manchester Design & Build, we’re a one-stop-shop offering a full portfolio of architectural design services while also being experienced builders, and we have an in-depth knowledge of the planning system and building regulations.

So, if planning permission is needed for your home improvement project, let us take care of that side of things for an all-inclusive, transparent fee.

Here are the four steps we’ll go through to successful application:

  • Phone consultation

Our extensive experience of home improvements (everything from garage and loft conversions to home extensions), means we’re ideally placed to advise on the feasibility of your project. We want you to make an informed decision, based on all the relevant facts and information. Give us a call before you do anything else and we’ll be glad to discuss any potential planning issues along with budget and feasibility.

  • Consultation at your home

We visit your property for a detailed discussion about your proposal. We understand you’ll have questions – and may want to suggest a layout and design or hear our thoughts. We’ll also discuss how much your proposed work will cost, how long it will take, applying for planning permission and whether there’ll be any building regulations issues.

We have a strong track record of achieving planning permission first time, so can give you a realistic idea of chances of success.

  • Designing your project

Stages 1 and 2 come without charge or obligation. But we hope you’ll accept our quote at this stage and want to go ahead with the project. This will involve a complete survey of your home. After our visit, it’ll take us up to five days to do the ‘as existing’ plans for you, which we do with the latest AutoCad technology on architectural A1 paper for maximum accuracy.

Once you’ve approved these, we can do the ‘as proposed’ plans for how your project will look, within five days.

We’ll then discuss what we’ve come up with, and make any necessary changes. You’ll get to see both PDF and printed copies once you are happy with the final design, as well as a 3D version.

Once we have a full set of plans, everything can be submitted to the local planning authority.

  • The planning decision

Planning departments often have queries on applications as these are going through the system. So we make ourselves available to answer these promptly and fully. Equally, we’ll keep an eye on your submission as it progresses.

Once planning approval is finalised, we can start work on building regulations drawings, again, we’ll do this within five days and apply for building regs approval on your behalf. You’ll receive printed and PDF versions, along with a comprehensive quote for the building works.