Roofers in Manchester

Your roof is your property’s main defence against the elements, and key to its overall value and structural integrity, so keeping it in good condition is vital. Neglect can lead to damp and costly damage. If you’re looking for reputable, qualified roofers in Greater Manchester or Cheshire, make us your first port of call.

Offering years of experience and a range of roofing and construction skills, our qualified team of roofers is ideally placed to do an outstanding job on your Manchester commercial or residential property.

Our roofing services in Manchester

You should have your roof inspected every few years. Our routine maintenance service involves taking a good look at your roof and its condition, including gutters and any surfaces which may have become weather damaged.

We’ll replace slates or tiles, any insulation where necessary, and the felting used to waterproof most modern roofs. We’re used to working with rubber and GRP roofing materials. We can also help with repair and maintenance of leadwork, gutters and chimney stacks.

Prompt attention to small jobs can enhance your roof’s longevity, and we only recommend major work where that’s essential.

For example, leaks don’t necessarily mean you need a new roof. Loose tiles can be replaced or fixed and worn flashing around vents and chimneys can be repaired. But you only really know what needs doing if you seek the expertise of reputable roofers.

We carry out emergency repairs following severe weather damage. We’ll seal the roof, and make sure your property is free from water ingress and is generally safe.

Most roofs won’t last longer than 25 years at most. So, additionally, we offer a full roof replacement service.

Equally, of course, you may need to add a roof to an extension, renovation or conversion project – or maybe you need one for a new build property. Again, we can help.

Our commercial and residential clients rely on us to do a timely, prompt and expert job on their roofs, time after time. We insist on the best quality materials, always comply with relevant building regulations and use properly qualified, experienced roofers who have completed all relevant safety and working at height training.

Talk to us today for a free, no obligation quote, and remember, the price we give you is the one you’ll pay.